Sherlock de Souza

My dad attended a boy's school right after WWII in Yokohama, Japan called SJC - St. Joseph's College. This covered grades 1 - 12 - a bit confusing for us Americans. The school was founded by a French religious order (Marianists - Society of Mary), but they taught in English. My dad has kept in touch with his classmates over the years. One wanted to build a website dedicated to the school and alumni, and wanted a recording of their school song (which my dad accompanied on the piano), but the only thing they could find was the following forward, which only contained the melody:

They wanted to know if he could play something but unfortunately my dad doesn't compose. Sis and I do, however, so he sent me a copy of the forward to see if I could come up with an accompaniment.

If you want to hear what I came up with (I turned this around in about 24 hours, from rough cut to dad's approval to a more polished recording in Garageband), click on this link:

SJC school song with melody

(Transposed from key of G to key of C major.)