A New Jersey-based composer of contemporary classical music and some jazz, Eileen Sauer's work spans piano, string, and wind instrumentations.

Having taken 10 years of piano and solfege lessons at The French School of Music in Plainfield, NJ during the 70s, she was a student of Mademoiselle Yvonne Combe, who studied at the Paris Conservatory when French composers Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré, Camille Saint-Saëns and Maurice Ravel were alive and Fauré was Director of the Conservatory. As a child, Eileen played in Carnegie Recital Hall nine times (many French School alumni did the same). Eight known alumni around her time went to The Juilliard School, and more attended other conservatories.

Having worked as a software developer, technical trainer, business analyst, engineering manager, and real estate investor, (B.S. in Math - Computing from University of Notre Dame), she shifted in 2014 to focus on music composition and capturing French School's efficient and effective solfege and piano practice methodologies so that future generations of music students can have what was once available to Combe's students. The first edition of the Solfege Guide can be found here as a free PDF and for sale on Amazon. Other ambitious efforts related to making solfege training using the French School methodology available online are in the works. Eileen also studies composition and orchestration in The Juilliard School's Evening Division.