Who Controls the Destiny of Your Life?

While I don't have children, I've had a few chance encounters with younger generations during pivotal times in their lives. One particularly intelligent teen was getting A's or D's depending on whether or not he liked his teachers (he especially hated his chemistry teacher), and I admit I couldn't blame him. I've had clueless teachers, too, and that's no fun.

One day I asked if I could try a hypothetical scenario on him and he said sure! Since he was a junior in high school at the time, I asked: what if there are two colleges out there, both good colleges? And what if you can get into the first college with your current grades, but you would need better grades to get into the second one?

And in the second college is a teacher just like the calculus teacher who changed your life in high school, who will completely change your life in college in ways you can't even imagine, turning you into a person who influences the world around you.

He thought about that and said, OK. 

I then said: I find it rather ironic, that the one person you hate the most, you give the most power over the destiny of your life. Even more so than the people you love and admire.

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