Creating a Playlist - The Bigger Picture

This is my first time trying to put together a playlist on Soundcloud, and I've been listening to this a lot. Wow. As a composer you're in the weeds trying to get past creative blocks that you don't think about the big picture until you try to put what you have into a playlist. This just flat out doesn't Breathe, Ever. 

  1. Not enough space between tracks, both in the beginning and the end
  2. While my general style is kind of dark and often melancholy, in a playlist it gets to be a bit much and it would be nice to have a few lighter "palate cleansers" in the mix
  3. While I prefer playing at faster speeds, it makes everything (especially over a half hour period) pretty intense, more so than when you listen to single tracks at a time. Also, fast and softer is more listenable over that sort of extended period, but fast and a lot of loud can be a bit much.

Much like in the world of technology, it's interesting how your perspective shifts when you gain access to a larger world, and can see the bigger picture. That information and experience is invaluable. Now I need to roll up my sleeves and embark on another "clean up in aisle 9" session.

6/25/2015 - I'm going to amend the section on fast and soft vs. fast and loud. Obviously there are hour long house and techno samba mixes, so why do those work? I realize the difference is that the good ones (that keep my attention anyway) are just repetitive enough to get you into a zen-like trance, yet there are also minute shifts here and there in rhythm, addition of a melody, a surprising pause that it keeps you just a bit off balance and engaged.

However, with the type of music that I do, the shifts tend to be constant and wholesale, as I personally don't like too much repetition. That makes the brain work, and making it work like that for a solid half an hour is exhausting, and leads to listener fatigue.