So you're not a walking dictionary? That's OK

When you encounter walking dictionaries who can easily recall facts, details, and statistics seemingly on demand, and you are not one of those walking dictionaries, it's easy to think you are somehow at a disadvantage. You may have more tricks up your sleeve than you realize.

Walking dictionaries can be so firmly ensconced in their world of "what is", even when evaluating new and innovative products and technologies, that they have trouble stepping outside of that box to create something truly new themselves. Whereas when you start each new day fresh with a clean slate, you are free to make new connections.

Life can be tough if you feel you have memory problems, but that can also force you to organize your life. It could cause you to search for deep, underlying principles that remain true, even though the surface details may shift and come and go. If you are able to crack this tantalizing puzzle such that your life begins to run smoothly, you've also cracked that puzzle for others. This is the core of what is needed for good project management.

If you feel you have memory problems, you will likely externalize your brain at some point in the form of to do lists, Kanban boards, mind maps, journals, wikis, business intelligence - whatever tools work for you. Once you externalize your process, it has the potential to scale infinitely so long as the indexing mechanism remains succinct.

Can you think of other examples for where a seeming disadvantage can instead be leveraged to develop into your greatest strength?