Apple Languages

If anyone ever has to do what I just did, here you are:

NSString *languageNames[] = {
@"English", // English
@"Français", // French
@"Deutsch", // German
@"Nederlands", // Dutch
@"日本語", // Japanese
@"Italiano", // Italian
@"Español", // Spanish
@"Português (Portugal)", // Portugese (Portugal)
@"Dansk", // Danish
@"Suomi", // Finnish
@"Norsk (Bokmål)", // Norwegian
@"Svenska", // Swedish
@"한국어", // Korean
@"简体中文", // Chinese (Simplified)
@"繁體中文", // Chinese (Traditional)
@"Pусский", // Russian
@"Polski", // Polish
@"Português (Brazil)", // Portugese (Brazil)
@"Türkçe", // Turkish
@"Yкраї́нська", // Ukranian
@"العربية", // Arabic
@"Hrvatski", // Croatian
@"Čeština", // Czech
@"Ελληνικά", // Greek
@"עִבְרִית", // Hebrew
@"Română", // Romanian
@"Slovenčina", // Slovak
@"ภาษาไทย", //Thai

@"Bahasa Indonesia", // Indonesian (official)
@"Bahasa Melayu", // Malay
@"British English", // British English
@"Catala", // Catalan

@"Magyar", // Hungarian
@"Tiếng Việt", // Vietnamese


Watch out for Hebrew and Arabic, those languages go from right to left, not left to right... The Hebrew native translation is especially confusing. It will turn:
@"עִבְרִית", // Hebrew

@"עִבְרִית", // Hebrew

I also notice in the UITableViewController that those languages that go from right to left don't align properly in the UITableViewController, and now I can see why. I think I'll leave those for my team mate. Enough dyslexia for one day