Are inefficiencies holding your organization back?
Would you like to focus on those things you do well?

Given my varied background as a:

  • software developer (Java, iPhone/iPad apps, went through the Coursera Scala course and business intelligence training),
  • technical trainer (Java and object-oriented technology),
  • engineering manager (iOS, Scrum Master, agile methodologies),
  • business analyst, technical communicator and more, I can help in any number of ways.

As an engineering manager. I met a group of rock stars who had been pulling long hours for months, and took over the time consuming administrative aspects of their lives including managing JIRA tickets, communicating with clients and other departments, and so on. That allowed them to focus on doing the things no one else could do, and their productivity went through the roof. It didn’t take long before people from other departments began seeking me out simply because I got things done.


  • When I gather requirements there tends to be zero rework

  • I see risks long before they materialize

  • I find "the simplicity on the other side of complexity"

I use agile processes and tools to champion succinct communication, innovation, and feedback by:

  • Inspiring people to explore, fail fast, and evolve

  • Advocating for self-empowered/organizing/correcting teams

  • Removing obstacles; curating, synthesizing, clarifying, and distilling

  • Being a connector / boundary spanner and revealing hidden talents

  • Championing Crucial Conversations and Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

If you feel it's time for a transformational experience, feel free to reach out.