Solfege Teaching Guide


Chapter 1 - Preparatory Work
    Dannhäuser Solfege
    Accompaniment Book
    Dictation Book
    Two Pianos
Chapter 2 - Structure of Classes
    Student Growth
    Teacher Growth
    Solfege Process Growth
Chapter 3 - Spreading the Word
    Online Options
    Demonstrations / Concerts
Chapter 4 - Launching a New Class
    First Solfege Class
    First Dictation Class
    New Students Joining an Existing Class
    Teenage / Adult Students
    Taking a Step Back
    Administrative Considerations
    New Solfege Instructors
Chapter 5 - Mozart Effect DIY Kit
Chapter 6 - Foundation - Details
    Singing / Solfegiating
    Conducting Time
    Ear Training
    Music Dictation
Chapter 7 - Adding to French School
    Church Modes
    Meter Lesson
    Beaming Notes
    Lead Sheets
Chapter 8: Using Solfege as a Tool
Chapter 9: Piano Practice
    Continuity Rule
    Got It, Forgot It
Chapter 10: Music-Related Apps/Software
    Music Notation
    Social Media
    Creating a Website
    Be Tech Savvy
Chapter 11: Advanced Students
    Mentoring Beginner Students
    Class Assistant
    Next Generation Teachers
Chapter 12: Performance Anxiety
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 1)
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 2)
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 3)