Solfege Teaching Guide

Intended audience: Everyone - musical and non-musical - especially prospective parents. Please don't let the title discourage you from reading this. In fact, if you are puzzled about anything you read and a simple Google search doesn't answer your question, kindly drop me a line with feedback.

The French School of Music solfege methodology is a surprisingly approachable system for understanding music involving singing on-pitch, sightreading, conducting time, ear training, and music dictation.

The combination of solfege lessons and efficient piano practice methods empowered many French School alumni from around the 1970s to perform in Carnegie Recital Hall as children, attend conservatories, develop a lifelong love for music, and have successful music careers. Many alumni excelled in non-music related careers as well because these methods enabled students to develop a deep understanding of what constitutes excellence.

If this was just about learning solfege, this book wouldn’t be needed. This is also a metaphor about life - about learning how to learn, identify and solve problems, be efficient, become a leader and influencer, and coach future generations to do the same.

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Contents (Blog posts, no longer updated)

Chapter 1 - Preparatory Work
    Dannhäuser Solfege
    Accompaniment Book
    Dictation Book
    Two Pianos
Chapter 2 - Structure of Classes
    Student Growth
    Teacher Growth
    Solfege Process Growth
Chapter 3 - Spreading the Word
    Online Options
    Demonstrations / Concerts
Chapter 4 - Launching a New Class
    First Solfege Class
    First Dictation Class
    New Students Joining an Existing Class
    Teenage / Adult Students
    Taking a Step Back
    Administrative Considerations
    New Solfege Instructors
Chapter 5 - Mozart Effect DIY Kit
Chapter 6 - Foundation - Details
    Singing / Solfegiating
    Conducting Time
    Ear Training
    Music Dictation
Chapter 7 - Adding to French School
    Church Modes
    Meter Lesson
    Beaming Notes
    Lead Sheets
Chapter 8: Using Solfege as a Tool
Chapter 9: Music-Related Apps/Software
    Music Notation
Chapter 10: Advanced Students
    Mentoring Beginner Students
    Advanced Exercises
Chapter 11: Performance Anxiety
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 1)
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 2)
    Slaying the Performance Anxiety Beast (Part 3)