Solfege Resources

Useful Links

French School of Music Facebook page - We have memorabilia, recital recordings, and even video from Carnegie Recital Hall trophy ceremonies from the 1970s.

This is also valuable for those wanting to join the French School community by finding alumni who teach and pass on our musical legacy.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice - My father wrote this, capturing Mlle. Combe's wildly efficient piano practice methods. He was a parent who sometimes attended our lessons, and he recorded over 10 years worth of French School recitals. He is probably the best person to have written the book: he has a scientific background (retired physicist) and could approach this task with an objective mindset. He took 7 years of piano lessons but his teacher wasn't French School quality, so he became an intermediate level player but struggled to achieve more than that. While my sister and I took so much for granted (all we knew was French School), he recognized immediately how valuable Mlle. Combe's teachings were because he knew a lot about how to learn about music the wrong way. While my sister and I were witnesses as children, he was an adult parent witness. Many times something clicked in my head finally when he explained what really happened back then.

This book, together with the Solfege Teaching Guide, are meant to be companion books.

The one-two combination of solfege lessons and efficient piano practice methods empowered many of my fellow classmates from the 1970s to perform in Carnegie Recital Hall as children and have extraordinary lives. I am the eighth of the alumni from around my time that I know of who studied at Juilliard or pre-Juilliard. At least five others studied at Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, Ottawa, etc. And when we were students, Mlle. Combe was already in her 80s and slowing down.

Digitized accompaniment book in Dropbox - Because the accompaniment books at French School are very fragile, I digitized them and added them to Dropbox.