Juilliard Music Production

Fall 2018 Semester

Music production is a prerequisite for taking the advanced composition class, so I took Intro to Music Production. Logic Pro is an amazing tool and totally overwhelming to the uninitiated. The Youtube videos by MusicTechHelpGuy are worth watching as well. Boy were we like kids in a candy store. These are purely Logic Pro projects, there is no sheet music.

I also retook composition in this same semester so the projects for both classes are a little shorter than usual, and in the case of PsiLounge Beyond the Edge of the Universe, I reused the same source material for both (a challenge in of itself).

A Manhattan Lullaby

We started with playing around with Apple Loops, and learning to manage volume, panning, and fade in and out. Vocals are my own.

Ghosts of Gaia

An ambient track created by reversing and elongating loops.

Electric Dreams

We started to learn about automation. I learned the hard way that automating the solo feature doesn’t work too well. I have a Logic Pro project that sounds correct, but the mp3 has a curious gap in it. Taken behind the barn and shot afterwards.

Eileen’s Voice

OK, this was pretty darn cool. We recorded one minute of ourselves reciting spoken text or poetry. Then we took that recording and sliced it into vowels which became pitches, consonants which became drums, and snippets of spoken text to use as loops. The rest is all manipulation through Logic Pro.

Musica Universalis

Since we’d focused more on the samplers in previous assignments, this time we did a deeper dive into the synthesizers.