Would you like a musical critique from a composer studying in the Juilliard Evening Division, whose student/teacher musical lineage goes back to French composers from the early 20th century? Drop me a line!

I would like an audio recording (like an MP3 or live recording) so that I can determine the scope of work and come up with a project price. This will allow me to:

  • Evaluate sheet music notation
  • Suggest fixes to the music
  • Highlight elements that I feel are strong
  • Discuss elements that I feel can be improved/enhanced
  • Evaluate playability (I am a pianist - for other instruments I can make general recommendations from what I've learned, but nothing beats talking to a performer playing that instrument to assess playability)
  • Possibly say what I would do differently if I were composing this

My Juilliard composition classes have had 6 - 8 students, and we regularly agree and disagree with one another. What comes from that is each person's understanding of the collective feedback and that is powerful, as we all have our biases.

While one might think Juilliard would be steeped in pure esoterica, composers in the Evening Division run the gamut from completely untrained and self-taught to having significant conservatory experience. Our professor developed a language that is devoid of much musical esoterica, yet which is technically precise, to help us think more analytically. In fact, he's thinking of starting a new class called Rehab for Composers, designed specifically for those who encountered a traumatic experience with music instruction and vowed to go it alone. So far I have found that what he does works for everyone; he is able to make constructive suggestions that make us better composers without assuming knowledge of music theory, harmony, counterpoint, etc. I follow this same spirit in my reviews.

Using My Music

All of my music is available online for listening, and most of the sheet music is available as well. If something is not, it's because I'm pretty backlogged right now.

Most of what I write is short, so if you are in need of a unique little encore or something to add to your performance, feel free to use my music! Please give me composer credit.

Composer for Hire

Sorry, not at this time. I'm backlogged until I finish the audiobook of the Solfege Teaching Guide, and the LMS for the solfege exercises. This plus the Juilliard classes will probably take me to fall 2019 or beyond.