Lost Souls Connection

  • Do you feel as if you don't belong?
  • Are you highly intelligent and do you have innate talents?
  • Do you wish you had a support system of like-minded individuals and mentors?
  • Do you have problems with authority figures?
  • Are you naturally curious and a knowledge seeker?
  • Do you find it difficult to connect with people and establish healthy boundaries?
  • Do you suffer from fear of abandonment or commitment?

People influenced over these years include: a 17 year old piano student who wouldn't listen to anyone, who is now a 27 year old professional poker player maybe 1 tier below top tier. A limo driver who will graduate in 2018 with a Masters in BioInformatics. A little girl growing up in the hood in Birmingham, AL who, as a young woman, firmly and respectfully negotiated me $50 down in rent a month, had me fix broken appliances and found a job as a cook in a hospital that gave her one free hour of training a day to become a nursing assistant.

If you're wondering how I can help with abandonment issues, I started an ongoing blog series titled The Power of Abandonment, influenced in large part by Alice Miller's Drama of the Gifted Child. Here is a curious tidbit likely related to this. On personality tests I used to be balanced between INTJ/INFJ. When I identified that I was feeling assaulted by PTSD symptoms and began to address them, I took another test and now I clock in as an ENFP-A (not entirely accurate but I'm still transforming). I used to feel completely drained after walking through Times Square. Now I enjoy it.

Feel free to reach out so we can come up with an appropriate package for you, based on your needs. I am reachable by Skype, and I am blocks away from the Exchange Place PATH station in Jersey City, NJ. For corporations in the NYC and NJ area, I am willing to come in and work with your employees.