Juilliard Intro to Comp

Spring 2016

Eileen Sauer was a technologist and self-taught composer on the side for thirty years before circumstances necessitated stepping into a conservatory environment. She began music composition classes at the Juilliard Evening Division in January 2016.

Exercise 1: Saoirse

This is a 2 minute violin solo, turned into a violin / piano duet, a study in "triumph and tragedy".

Music Sheet PDF Download

Exercise 2: Cidered in Vienna

This 3 minute violin / viola duet is a study in "awkward moments". Story behind "Cidered in Vienna (and all covered with cheese)": A number of European greats (and one robot) bridge time and space to meet in Vienna and party. They promptly get snockered.

Music Sheet PDF Download
Cidered in Vienna

Exercise 3: Echo and Narcissus

This 3 minute violin / cello / piano trio is a study in "passionate trios".

The story involves the loquacious nymph Echo, whose impertinence got her cursed by a goddess so that she could only repeat whatever anyone said. She encounters Narcissus and falls for him, only to be spurned in return. (Narcissus is later cursed by another vengeful goddess, falling so madly in love with his reflection in the water he wastes away.)

This is a dysfunctional story - a cautionary tale of "romance" as if viewed through a funhouse mirror.

Music Sheet PDF Download
Echo and Narcissus

Exercise 4: Ragweed Woogie

(Allergy season exasperates Chewbacca.)

This is a piano solo, with styles randomly picked out of a hat (Ragtime). The goal was to study the genre's defining characteristics and compose two minutes of music in one week. This was written in two days.

Music Sheet PDF Download
Ragweed Woogie