Welcome to the world of a polymath, where my box is perpetually outside of the box, sitting at the crossroads. But this is also where the most amazing things happen, both in my life and the lives of others.

All of the music and blog posts on my website are available free of charge. A hip hop artist asked to use some of my works to create looping tracks - I invite others to do so as well with credit mention.

The Solfege Teaching Guide and The Power of Abandonment are also free online as a series of blog posts.

If you've read the book Stealing Fire and it resonates with you (see also Flow Genome Project), I've been consciously aware of what they have been researching, since 2002. My primary profile is Deep Thinker, and also Flow Goer. In August 2017, I attended a flagship Flow Camp in Eden, Utah and met 45 people with wildly varied backgrounds - adrenaline athletes to deep thinkers and more. My roommate was the downhill skier Kristen Ulmer referred to in Stealing Fire.