Hi everyone! I hope you like the redesign of, which is now on SquareSpace thanks to Ben Miftari and the team at The Orange Clock. My site had evolved into a somewhat messy music composer's notebook, and I was too close to the source material to do the revamp myself. Plus with Juilliard in full swing it wouldn't have gotten done. 

I've gained a lot more clarity and appreciation into the process of developing a brand, and they were also able to hook some of the social media channels together so one blog post can go out without having to be announced separately on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 

I'll continue filling in the new site over time. There is also a new Learn section where I'll be working on the solfege project and tips on how to survive becoming a composer.

Note that my old blogspots will go away, and you can find my consolidated blog here now.

Eileen Sauer