iDefer Tip #1

Now that our iOS4 iPhone app iDefer is in the iTunes app store (how's that for an iAlliteration?!), I'll be posting tips for how I use iDefer. I'd love to hear how you're using iDefer as well, especially if it helps us understand how to make iDefer more useful.

In addition to the scenarios listed on our iDefer home page:

I personally use iDefer to keep track of taking supplements and medications. In my case, I go to CVS and pick up those small plastic ziploc pill bags and create these daily pill packs. I learned that some of my medications may inhibit absorption of others, so I've scheduled a daily repeating alert with a snooze for four hours later to minimize possible undesirable interactions. I could have scheduled two separate alerts, but scheduling an alert with a snooze reminds me to take my pills and also set aside other pills in the plastic bag which I then pop into my purse for later.