Juilliard Composition Revisited

Fall 2018

After writing The Hummingbird Jive while in Orchestration, I realized another transformation was forthcoming and decided to return to a composition class.

Equine Escapees

Violin duet showcasing everything plus the kitchen sink. Diatonic, non major/minor, non-diatonic, homophonic, imitative contrapuntal, jagged rhythms, etc.

Sheet Music PDF

Equine Escapees

PsiLounge Beyond the Edge of the Universe

Original source material: music production project, completely rewritten for string quartet.

Sheet Music PDF
PsiLounge Beyond the Edge of the Universe

Harvest Moonshine

Yet another “drunken village musicians” composition. Violin, viola, piano. Note: The Sibelius playback uses pizz instead of arco staccato, and that’s because it sounds better. The sheet music correctly reflects arco staccato.

Sheet Music PDF
Harvest Moonshine


Piano solo. The Sibelius playback is pretty horrible, I’ll have to cycle around, practice and record it.

Sheet Music PDF

Spring 2019


Soprano and piano.


My father asks again and again
how on earth does anyone compose music?

He thinks that by magic
a secret will make him a composer.

As a composer, I did not choose this.

As long as I can remember,
I was horrified
that nothing
reflected the world inside my brain.

Musically homeless.

Bach or Beethoven -
imagine that they felt the same.

Their sublime melodies and my strivings
are homes painstakingly built
brick by brick,
note by note
So that we could feel the shelter
of a magical embrace.