From 1974 to 2017...


As an alumna of The French School of Music (Facebook page), Sauer was a student of Yvonne Combe who studied at the Paris Conservatory. Using the 10 years of solfege and piano instruction 

Some highlights:

  • World premiered Thelxiepeia's Lament in spring 2016 for a benefit concert for The French School of Music.
  • Won the Akademia Music Award for Best Jazz Song for 'Ragweed Woogie' in the December 2016 awards.
  • Performed compositions at various Sing For Hope pianos.
  • Was one of 23 composers selected from an intense review of 67 submissions by 57 students for the first ever Juilliard Evening Division Composition Showcase in 2017 (for Augur, inspired by Randa Jarrar's poem).


Eileen is the eighth of the known alumni from around the 70s to attend Juilliard, and others also attended Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, and more. Those who did not became doctors, lawyers, technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, etc.

While people generally focus on their university work and not their early educational history, The French School of Music made these opportunities possible, by giving students a solid foundation in both technical skill and musicality.

Using one data point for reference, the 1974 Carnegie Recital Hall program pictured above has six French School students on the front cover - Kyoko Utsumi, Liz Du Four, Eileen Chang Sauer, Karen Rispoli, Vincent Di Mura, and Todd Weiss. These were the first prize gold cup winners. Inside the program are eight other students who won Summa cum laude, and of those eight students six were French School - Cindy de Vine, Edwin Tsuzuki, Karen Marcus, Mayo Tsuzuki, Wendy Jaffe, and Kyoko Misawa.