The Power of Abandonment

The Power of Abandonment is a far-reaching, overly ambitious attempt to describe abandonment syndrome based on personal experiences. I will also share concrete ideas for how to manage and even combat it (note that this is an ongoing process, not a silver bullet).

The goal is to help people begin to heal dysfunctional relationships they may be in, and if it’s not possible, to understand when it’s not working so they can begin to make actionable decisions in the right direction.

PDF Version

Part 1 - Introduction/Family History
Part 2 - Abandonment/Commitment Issues
Part 3 - Managing Feelings
Part 4 - Relationships
Part 5 - NOSC Pre-Flow Camp
Part 6 - Follow Up From NOSC Post
Part 7 - Original Sin and Drama of the Gifted Child
Part 8: NOSC and Abandonment Syndrome
Part 9: Gender Differences
Part 10: Opposites Attract
Part 11: Stoicism